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    Juan Pablo Escobar, what my father never told me 

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    Juan Pablo Escobar known as Sebastián Marroquín was born in Medellín (Colombia) in 1977. His name recalls images of tragedies, terror and death. Juan Pablo is the son of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the greatest drug dealer of Latin America and of the world ever existed. The ‘’ Medellin Cartel’’ which he managed, gained him wealth, power and death. They say that he was the instigator of more than 4.000 murders of which the majority was committed between 1989 and 1991, when Escobar was trying to jeopardize the Government and the Country through attacks, abductions and murders.  Despite being the most wanted man of Colombia a great deal of his power was based on the corruption of the ‘’intelligence’’ and of the police thanks to the huge amount of money he had at his disposal. At the end of the 1980s, the Medellin Cartel managed almost 80% of the world’s drugs market and according to some data, Pablo Escobar’s heritage amounted to more than 30 million dollars. His story has recently been told by the TV-series ‘’Narcos’’, produced by Netflix, which achieved a great success among the youngsters.
    After his death his son Juan Pablo built a new life for himself. He found himself obliged to negotiate a ‘’difficult peace’’ with the Cali Cartel that shared with the Medellin Cartel the dealing of drugs in Colombia and in almost the whole world. Sebastian Marroquín now lives in Argentina where he became an architect and writer. At the end of 2016 he launched his last book ‘’Pablo Escobar, what my father never told me’’ and we had the chance to ask him some questions about his new work and about the relationship he had with his father:

    Your new book is entitled ‘’Pablo Escobar, what my father never told me’’. Could you tell us what your new book is about? What didn’t your father tell you? And in your opinion, why didn’t he tell you so?
    It is about the corruption nets existing between my father, the CIA and the DEA which made him so powerful at the economic and military level. It also reveals the personal opinions of my father’s worst enemies who I interviewed in order to let them tell us who Pablo Escobar was to them. It is the product of a deep research on my father’s various alliances with the ruling power. My father died and with him a lot of his secrets which haven’t still been revealed.

    After your father’s death you and your family tried to totally change your life. Now you are a writer, an architect and you also have a new family. Despite all of this and all of your statements which condemn your father’s actions, do you believe that people still have some prejudices about you?
    I think that people are perfectly able to distinguish between the unconditional love I have for my father and my capacity to recognize his criminal actions. I am a peaceful man and as such they respect me anyway because I am no threat for anyone. I’ve learned the lessons of a kind of Violence I do not want to repeat.

    Your first book sold a lot of copies. Why do you think people are so intrigued and interested in Pablo Escobar’s story?
    Netflix invested a lot of money in advertising in favor of my father. We owe them a lot, as well as Caracol Tv. Both companies wanted to use my father’s story in order to cover up their sins and responsibilities about their respective businesses. Furthermore, they have passed a confused message to the young which in my opinion encourages them to become drug dealers.

    What have you told your son about his grandfather or what will you tell him?
    Absolutely the whole truth. If I lie to him about his grandfather he would risk to not being well informed and I don’t want a story to be repeated since it can be perfectly avoided.

    The Tvseries ‘’Narcos’’ gained a lot of success. You criticized it a lot since it presented a lot of inconsistencies with theactual facts. Furthermore, movies and series like this one tend to pass negative messages to the teenagers who watch them, because they can lead to sanctify and idealize criminals. What would you tell to those who passionately follow the series?
    To read my last book and see with their own eyes the over 28 lies that Netflix posted as if they were the absolute truth. To be critical and not to believe everything they sell them through TV.

    Here in Italy, we are pretty much debating over the legalization of soft drugs. What was you relationship with drugs? And in your opinion, could the legalization of substances such as marihuana neutralize most of the micro-organized crime?
    For a hundred of ongoing years now, prohibition continues demonstrating to be the greatest supporter of Violence, fratricidal war and corruption which encourages the so called illegal drug dealing. Prohibition is a big business that leaves huge wealth in consumerist countries in exchange of ceaseless rivers of blood and chaos in Latin America. It is time to reconsider all these policies. We have to declare peace to drugs and we have to prepare and educate ourselves in order to learn to cohabit with this reality. The big business of drugs will continue to exist and it will be always more and more strengthened because of prohibition. No one will give up this kind of money. The question is if we want to continue to leave it in the hands of criminals by prohibiting this business or leave it in the hands of the State which is the one that has to take control and regularize these substances by investing its huge profit in prevention and education.

    During an interview you said that your father copied Totò Rina, the famous Italian gangster of ‘’Cosa Nostra’’, in the ways he perpetrated the murders. What did your father think of the Italian Mafia? And did he have anything to do with it?
    The only relationship he had with it is that he copied its violent methods in order to subdue the State to the will of a single gangster. My father was a follower of the news on the Italian Mafia. I guess that he got from it most of his modus operandi.

    What is your clearest and best memory of your father of when you were a kid? And the worst?
    The best memory: his love as a father. The worst: Vioence.


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